• Do you know what your operatives are doing today?
  • Can you assign and prioritise tasks to your operatives and monitor when tasks are completed?
  • Can you provide your clients with detailed patrol activities at their car parks?

  • Tickit-Task can help answer “Yes” to the questions above and in doing so can improve the efficiency of your work force and enhance how your clients perceive your services. Tickit-Task is made up of two main areas of functionality and when combined with Tickit-Hub and Tickit-Mobile provides the following features:

Operative Activity

Tickit-Task enables operatives to log their activities. The system records the time and date for each activity and sends this information back to Tickit-Hub where the data can be used to monitor operative activity and generate reports.
  • Shift Start and End Time
  • Multiple and expandable activity types
  • Sub Activities
  • Quick and easy
  • Time Management Reports
  • Client Reports
  • Operative Tasks

    Tickit-Task enables tasks to be assigned to operatives and controls the order tasks should be completed. Task activity is tracked though the system giving an up to date view of outstanding tasks.
    • Assigned to one or multiple operatives
    • Task Priority
    • Definable task types
    • Task association to resources
    • Single and repeating tasks
    • Task resolution capture

    Quick and Easy

    Collecting activity data can be time consuming and difficult to consolidate into meaningful reports. Tickit-Task is fully integrated into Tickit-Mobile and allows operatives to log their activity with a few simple clicks. Tickit-Task becomes part of the normal enforcement process and not another job that gets forgotten.


    Once activity has been collected the data can be used to generate reports for both clients and managers. Your clients can receive accurate data on when operatives visited their sites and how many hours were spent patrolling.


    The system is designed to be flexible and allow you to monitor and record as many or as few activities as you require. Additional Activities can be added to the system and automatically downloaded to the handheld.

    Real Time

    Task and activity data is transferred to Tickit-Hub at regular intervals using the internet connection built in to Tickit-Mobile, giving you a live view of what operative tasks and activities are being done.

    Task Resolution Capture

    Some tasks may require detailed reports about the problem and what steps were taken to resolve the problem. Tickit-Task allows the operative to make notes and capture images of the task in hand. This information is sent back to Tickit-Hub and can be used to write detailed reports.

    Example Tasks

    Below is a list of possible tasks that could be deployed to an operative. Tasks are not limited to this list and the system is designed to be configurable to fit your business requirements.
  • Assign your maintenance staff with Pay & Display machine faults and scheduled machine services.
  • Allocate Site Surveys and collect survey information from your operatives.
  • Arrange internal and external meetings.
  • Send your operatives reminders to make sure tasks are not forgotten.
  • Members of the BPA
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