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    Parking Charge Notification management is only part of the solution offered by iView. 

    Tickit-Hub & Tickit-Mobile allows you to manage all areas of your parking 

    enforcement organisation.

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iView has developed a number of solutions to manage all aspects of a private parking sector operation. Our aim is to

provide and support flexible and scalable features and abilities via our Tickit-Hub solution which provides a robust 

Parking Management System, bespoke Parking Charge Notifications (PCNs), and integrated ANPR enforcement 

management which is scaled to process millions of detections per day

Tickit-Hub also offers Online Appeals, Web and IVR Payments, Transfer of Liability, DVLA integration, 

Hybrid Mail and comprehensive Permit management with integrations with many of the leading suppliers 

in the industry.

Working in synchronicity with the Tickit-Hub software, the Tickit-Mobile system can be deployed across handhelds

to your Civil Enforcement Officers. PCNs and proccessing efficiency is increased, margin for

error is decreased and revenue can be maximised for a larger return on investment. 

iView has developed its solutions to be broad and scalable for many parking enviroments and provides Universties/NHS 

and private parking operators for the effective administration of road traffic legislation.

PCN management system


Parking Charge Notification management is only part of the solution offered by iView. Tickit-Hub allows you to manage all areas of your parking enforcement organisation.

Removing ad hoc, home grown systems with a manageable central system, designed to do the job efficiently and provide you with up to the minute information on all aspects of your PCN enforcement process.

Tickit-Hub encompasses many features that allow you to manage all aspects of the PCN issue and enforcement process, together with web based control of your Tickit-Mobile handheld devices.
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PCN management system


Evidence, Accuracy and Speed are all crucial factors for the efficient issue and enforcement of a Parking Charge Notice. 

Hand written PCNs are prone to errors due to inaccuracies or illegible hand writing. Tickit-Mobile captures and records contraventions in a controlled manner, providing incontestable time stamped photographic evidence, accurate vehicle and contravention details and access to PCN details within minutes of the PCN being issued.
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PCN management system


Passive ANPR is the perfect solution for customers that do not wish to manage parking overstay using the conventional ANPR automated “Notice to Owner” solution.   The ANPR part of the system is used to identify vehicles that have overrun the allowed parking period. The system then passes the validation and enforcement to a parking operative that can make an informed decision about each individual case. Our expertise in the design and implementation of ANPR processing means we currently process millions of detections per day for many of our customers. 

Our ANPR service has out of the box integrations with the following camera suppliers:

·  MAV Systems

·  Jenoptik

·  Suilvision

·  Hikvision

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