Passive ANPR is the perfect solution for customers that do not wish to manage parking overstay using the conventional ANPR automated “Notice to Owner” solution.

The ANPR part of the system is used to identify vehicles that have overrun the allowed parking period. The system then passes the validation and enforcement to a parking operative that can make an informed decision about each individual case.

ANPR Overstay recognition

The ANPR system identifies vehicles that have overstayed based on the date and time the vehicle entered the cark park and the overstay rules for maximum parking period and minimum return period. For each identified case, the vehicle registration number, entry time and images are transferred to Tickit-Hub at regular intervals.

Processing and Verification
Tickit-Hub receives each overstay case from the Tickit-ANPR system and based on a set of defined rules allocates the appropriate course of action:
  • Staff / Permit Holder -> No Action Required.
  • Repeat Offender -> Issue Notice to Owner.
  • Vehicle Details Lookup.
  • Transfer Overstay information to Tickit-Mobile.
  • Inform Tickit-Mobile if vehicle has gone.
  • Process incoming issued PCNs and store all overstay information for evidence.

  • Pass to Parking Operative
    Once the system has identified possible overstay cases, the data is transferred to the operatives Tickit-Mobile device. The system is fully aware of which devices are being used at each location and can send the data to all operatives managing the car park.
    All data is transmitted over the internet and GPRS/4G phone network allowing the operative to continue his normal duties while data is being collected by the Tickit-Mobile.

    Informed Decision

    The vehicle information and overstay details are presented to the operative in a format that allows them to identify the vehicle and make any necessary inquires to why the vehicle has overstayed.                        

    • Registration Number.
    • Vehicle Make, Model and Colour.
    • Vehicle Image.
    • Entry Time and Overstay Period.
    • Number of offences (optional).
    Parking Charge Notification Issue

    The Tickit-Mobile already contains all the information required to issue a PCN. The operative simply needs to verify the vehicle information and issue the PCN. The system then processes the PCN as normal.